Manipulation of the Heart!

When people get hurt as they are reared by Parents, Siblings and Family.This can make them develop deadly weapons that they use to scar others. They are not conscious most of the time. But sometimes they are so very psychopathic in their wanton destruction. That is why you have to listen before you act.

We really need to know people better, before we connect. You have to really open your eyes to what they tell you. Don’t just hear really listen. You will hear the hurts and see the scars. Not the visible scars, no these scars are from wounds so deep they cut like the precision of a scalpel’s blade.

They use manipulation as a tool on fools that they desire to use. I have been that fool. I know this first hand. Why? Because I have experienced the side of being a people pleaser, to try to heal a heart torn by three wars. I have seen up close and first hand how love can be manipulated and twisted into something that does not even come close to what real love is or should be.

Oh, I am not a victim, I am a survivor. You see the one thing about being a people pleaser is that one day you find yourself and your voice. It great for you, but it sucks for all the people that think you are a fool or doormat. When you step out into the fresh air and are able to tell them, No! Yes, just simply No! It feels absolutely amazing.

It feels even better, when those poison words don’t hurt or reach you. When you don’t even play their games. You just don’t bother with them at all. I would rather walk this earth with just GOD, than to be shrouded in the lies and manipulation of people that so call love you. That is why I listen, with intent to what people say. Especially people with a lot of hurt. This way I don’t get run over by their manipulations. Those are the manipulations of the heart.

Some folks will try to fuck the pain away. Some will try to drink, drug or smoke it away. Some will use whatever vice that will look like it’s removing their pain. Even Church is used as a fix, but it really doesn’t work. Some of the sweetest people I know are manipulators.

They use Gaslighting as their preferred weapon of choice. They attempt to use the power of suggestion to make you think a really bad idea was your idea and then blame you when you don’t play along. Then they yell or say something terrible about you to attempt to tear you down. They work to steal your self-esteem. They are true soul suckers and will steal your joy if you are not vigilant.

Watch out for people that try to put you on pedestals. These people are they first ones to kick the stones from under your feet and throw them at you. These people will tell you they love you, but show the most contempt when they don’t get there way. They are slick like snakes because that is their con.

That is why you must know your self worth!

When you know who you are and to whom you belong, it’s hard to fall into their traps. It’s like when people talk about being alone. That for me is a red flag. I enjoy my own company. Why? Because I am never alone. GOD is always with me. It took me awhile to realize this was all I needed. I kept listening to those voices that espoused romance as a cure for loneliness. It really is not, look at all the people that are in relationships with people they hate. This pandemic did not turn into the Baby Boom that people thought would happen. It turned into the Divorce Boom, and a cycle of viciousness.

I am happy that I am single and free. Free of Manipulation by those that claimed to love me or be my friend. It feels amazing to be my own person without having to overextend myself. I can be altruistic and give because that is the person I am. I am not guided by some false principals. I feel good when I give without the expectation of receiving. It feels even better when a person that thought they were manipulating me, gets checked. Oh no, they don’t get checked by me, they get check by their own soul and heart.

What if they don’t have a soul or heart? I leave them to get checked by GOD!



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Michelle The MydNite Writer

I have written poetry for many years. I write books for children too @ Just here on Medium expressing myself internally. Enjoy!