Free Will and Self Accountability

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6 min readOct 5, 2020


Don’t you love the sheer and utter hypocrisy of some men as they work to control women and their bodies. Let’s talk about some of the white and black men in so called positions of power. (We also call these folks the status quo.).

The selling of souls is great with them. Multiple wives and mistresses among them as they support a culture of rape and misogyny. (This is going to get hot and for some very uncomfortable.) First let us be very honest today, right now in this moment. We live in a male dominated and oriented society. It doesn’t matter the religion, actually this aspect has made things even worse. (Oh, I am not speaking about GOD.) I am talking about these points of theology that have been used to subvert on this earth, the truth. Religion has been misused to subjugate women and justify slavery.

The Bible was written as the inspired word of GOD. Would you surmise this as a correct statement? The Bible was ordered to be rewritten under King James, that’s why there Is the (KJV) King James Version. The Qur’an was inspired by Mohammed as he claimed to be a prophet. Both books have been used to oppress women and promote slavery. (There I said it, truth to power.)

It had been said, Slaves and Women should know their place in society. We don’t have chattel slavery in the US any longer. It has been replaced by economic slavery. Which is why more women in this vast country of opportunity are the working poor or they live in poverty. ( Let that marinate in back of your mind.)

Some men still think a Woman should be wife, mother, nurse, handmaiden and arm-candy. If they (Women) dare not keep up their trophy looks or status, they can be discarded for a newer model. (Some men are reading this right now in agreement, even though it is dead wrong.) Lots of men have claimed as their birthright the acceptance of the subjugation of Women. They get in a twist when a Woman is smarter and outperforms them. (I had that happen to me as I attended a computer school in NJ.) Let’s not veer to far down the rabbit hole. Let’s have a conversation about Free Will and Accountability.

Free Will was given to all of us by GOD first! We have the Free Will to love GOD, and serve GOD or not. GOD does not make us love him. GOD is the creator, The Universe, literally everything is from GOD. GOD could make us love him, but GOD! GOD gave us the Free Will to choose to love HIM! Now if GOD our Creator believes in us and gives us Free Will why does man choose to take it away? (Let this settle in the back of your mind.) I believe it comes down to the (LCD) lowest common denominator in the human psyche. That everything a duplicitous/deceitful person has done, he/she expects retribution. The accountability of Karma; what goes around comes around.

This is why things are F’ed up to the seventh degree. (Now, just hear me out for a moment.) We have the Free Will to perform in ways that are good or bad. Lots of us are angry at GOD because we have to be accountable for our actions. We blame GOD when it’s our fault!!!!! Here let’s look at the Bible for a moment. We have the Ten Commandments right?; sent to us from GOD! We as humans could not handle obeying ten rules to help our lives. How many have you or I broken?? So our Brother Jesus comes to help us out. Jesus said, I will leave you with two life lessons. Love GOD with your whole heart, soul and mind. Then Love your Neighbor as you would love yourself.

The crux of the matter is that many of us don’t love ourselves. If you love you, you will not Kill yourself. You will not lie to yourself or lie on you. You would have a day of rest and be holy because it is loving you, right??. War is not loving, Hate is not loving, Cruelty is not loving. Rape is not loving, Molestation is not loving. Domestic violence is not loving. Sexual Harassment is not loving. Manipulation is not loving. Racism is not loving. Slavery was/is not loving. Selfishness is not loving. Killing is not loving. Making people live in poverty is not loving. Greed is not loving. (I know, you get it now, but I need us to be loving.)

We have an accountability to our Souls to use our Free Will to serve GOD! We are way off track now. GOD gave the whole world the biggest time out ever! This SARS-COVID-2 (coronavirus) has caused a lot of us to become introspective. It has tested marriages, families and friendships. It is shining a light on our level communicating or lack thereof. We all need to decide right now, how we will make this world a better place together. Stop trying to control others because your own life is out of control. Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind!

This for me means that we need to just look in the mirror and be introspective about what we are doing to this world. How we are judging each other, instead of ensuring that we are taking that lumber out of our own eyes first. Now, I would like to ask all the GOOD men to talk to other men about the sexual violence and rape culture that permeates our world. I would like you men to take accountability and stop this in our world. Why? Because it will help women if they are safe and it helps children be safe. How? Women who are raped and abused rear children that fall into this encyclical pattern of abuse. Worst some of the children are perpetrators of abuse and bullying.

Would you like women to stop having abortions? (Men will use legislation to control women’s bodies, but you will not control your actions.) How about using your Free Will and Accountability to not objectify and use women as sex toys? How about not using I love you as a pickup line or a tool of manipulation? Men make Women whores/hoes! So many wordsmiths out there preying on those that have low self esteem to justify they soul-less desires. Rape is not a birthright. Abuse and sexual violence against women is something only men can stop. Real Men protect, wait and respect women.

Women, we have soul accountability with our Free Will too. Learn not to be a slave to your desire for attention. Say No and be willing to accept Nos. Don’t let society dictate their poison in your mind. You are good enough! Your body is not for sale, because of the desperation of economic slavery. Yes it is good to be smart. Love yourself and respect yourself first. Children are not pawns to be used to trap men. Learn to be happy with yourself first! Break the cycle of low self esteem if this part of your family make up.

Now, I am going to start this apology first. I apologize to GOD for not using my Free Will to serve Him and be Accountable for my actions. I apologize to every Sister or Brother that I did not show by my walk with GOD, a good example of being a Follower of GOD. I apologize for using my brokenness to hurt others because I was hurt. Today, I will live to make this world a better place and to love my Brothers and Sisters as GOD loves me. I make this promise today and I will be accountable to GOD! Today you may use your Free Will to be Accountable too. The question is will you?

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