WE are at a pivotal moment in the history of the United States and dare I say, the World. What’s telling in this moment, is that among the deaths, wars and fighting we are not listening. We as a collective, have not learned the lessons of kindness and the spirit of love. As a follower of GOD, THE MOST HIGH I implore our world to search and live to “The Greater Good”!

Now, I am not advocating a life to selflessness that is moved by a sense of martyrdom. I am not invoking that we live like our sisters who serve the call as Nuns. I am not even requesting that people live a life of service, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. My request is very simple in fact. I am asking that you show small acts of simple kindness. …


Michelle The MydNite Writer

I have written poetry for many years. I write books for children too @ tmrcus.com. Just here on Medium expressing myself internally. Enjoy!

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